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You don't adjust. You just dominate.
-- Al Davis Oakland Raiders 1963-2011

Drive market traction for business results!

Do not guess at what it takes.
Plan and track for world domination.

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Rally The Team
Dominate with market traction

Use the Board to ensure each Area and Level is working toward the same Campaign objective.

Campaign Area Level


Focus The Team
Establish a tangible target

Set a specific number to attain for market traction. Select just one target per board. Do you want to sell a certain number of widgets? Stretch objectives are key to growth, but obtainable objectives are key to morale.

Align The Team
Tackle specific top down details

Everyone needs to be on the same page to realize success. Use the Board to define specifically Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. The order of which is defined first is not as important as the relationships between the descriptions.

Kipling Method

Guide The Team
Quantify the targets

Results start at the bottom, so calculate the counts necessary to hit your target. You'll start with rate assumptions, but over time you'll establish predictable results.

Whos & Hows

Direct The Team
Form tactical execution steps

Do not leave approach open for interpretation. Plan HOW the work needs to get done, and hold the team accountable to the results. Adjust according to results achieved.

SPOT Track

Monitor The Team
Tracks results against the plan

Set a time bound plan to track actuals. Consider how long a ramp up period is acceptable. Consider how long it should take to get to peak. Can the peak be maintained for a period, or will there be a drop off? Consider including contingency time in case there are unexpected delays encountered.